Mother Agency & Modeling School 

Model Academy is a potential mother agency.

We´re an international company focused on super models’ careers.

With criteria based on maximum excellence and quality, we guarantee a high-level experience for your models and an amazing casting for your clients.


Our main goal it´s to offer a high efficiency job and a career´s planning for each agency model in a detail, specific and qualitative way. 
Model Academy believes and invests in the talents represented by us. We believe that each model must and has to be respected, taking care off and projected for the best moment in their careers. 



And with us, the idea is to always reach new flights and to conquer dreams. 
The fashion market needs to rethink their posture and habits. For us, our models are special. 
Models are not hangers. 

And like human beings they have emotions, sensations, willing, wishes and expectations. Our missions it´s to bring they way beyond the common ground. 
We want and we work to expand for all places in this world, a more human, committed, and sustainable fashion. And that begins with people management. 
That way empowering our employees it´s part of this process.